Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: On the internet, nobody knows you’re a human.

White House report on the drone strike that killed Soleimani contradicts the original justification the administration provided.

A national association of federal judges called an emergency meeting over concerns about Trump and DoJ officials' intervention in the Roger Stone case.

Bloomberg qualifies for the next Democratic debate, thanks to recent polling as well as the DNC's decision to scrap the grassroots donor threshold.

"The overwhelming size and scope of Bloomberg’s campaign is more than a gimmick: It’s a validator for more moderate Democrats looking for a stable home in a tumultuous primary."

Bloomberg News is struggling with questions of how to project editorial transparency amid its owner's ascendant presidential campaign.

People are posting their SMS responses to the Bloomberg campaign’s outreach efforts.

Twitter sleuths suspected a Pete Buttigieg supporter claiming to be based in Nigeria was a campaign advisor's burner account. But it's really a Nigerian man who's interested in American politics and is all in for Pete.

"The one I most regret is choosing to join the John Edwards campaign in 2007." Life inside a doomed political campaign.

Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion of his personal wealth to fight climate change.

How Google Maps shows disputed political borders depending on your location.

Facing 300 lawsuits from people who say they were sexually abused when they were Boy Scouts, BSA files for bankruptcy.

Legendary DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall has died at 56.

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EDM musician Bertolt Meyer explains how he hacked his arm prosthesis to control his modular synth.

Charles Portis, the author of True Grit, has died at the age of 86.

A lovely new song and video from Jonathan Bree, "Kiss My Lips (feat. Princess Chelsea)."

A metal detectorist in Finland unearthed a high school class ring that was lost in Maine 47 years ago.

"It’s entirely possible that you might have trouble remembering a time before Christian Sonic the Hedgehog fanart."

Unreal photos of rice terraces in Yunnan, China.