Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: One million.

More than one million people worldwide have now died from COVID-19, and many regions are still reporting surges of new infections. / BBC

Of the one million deaths, one in five victims was an American. / The Washington Post

See also: Based on an average over the past month, more than 5,400 people are dying each day. / Reuters

Trump says 150 million rapid coronavirus tests will be dispersed around the US "in the coming weeks," though there's no guidance as yet on how to distribute the tests. / CNN

This summer the White House pressured the CDC to play down the risks of sending children back to school. / The New York Times

Food insecurity has increased precipitously in US households during the pandemic—more than threefold, according to one study. / NPR

"His answers involved three parts: I am great; you are terrible; and a nonsensical digression that often changed the subject entirely. The adviser who played Trump during Clinton's mock debates has ideas about how tonight's presidential debate will go. / The Washington Post

On Facebook's "tepid" labeling of voting misinformation—such as the sort Trump posts. / Twitter

More from Trump’s taxes: How The Apprentice saved Donald Trump financially and sent him to the White House. / The New York Times

In 1976, Jimmy Carter voluntarily paid $6,000 despite having no tax bill. Here's how Trump's taxes compare to those of other presidents. / The Washington Post

To catch those trying to evade capital gains taxes, the IRS is considering adding a crypto question to the 1040. / Ars Technica

The last Supreme Court justice to move from announcement to hearing this quickly was when Ford nominated Stevens in 1975. / BuzzFeed News

"I lived through the end of a civil war. Do you know what it was like for me? Quite normal. I went to work, I went out, I dated. This is what Americans don’t understand." / GEN

See also: “This would be a warning sign for any democracy.” How the rest of the world views the deterioration of American society. / The New York Times

China's commitment to peak emissions by 2030 doesn't only dent global warming, it also upends America's place in global strategy. / Foreign Policy

How the pesticide industry is rewriting the US Agriculture Dept.'s rules, easing restrictions on what American companies can export. / The New York Times

Why stock gains aren't fully disconnected from the economy. / Notes on the Crises

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On being Black in indie music: "So much of the community discreetly functions to serve white people almost exclusively." / Pitchfork

Citing the Proud Boys connection, Fred Perry discontinues sales of its yellow-tipped black polo shirt in the US and Canada. / Boing Boing

“The circulatory system of money that had made the writing possible was punctured and bleeding out, and draining into Silicon Valley.” Tom Scocca reflects on the death of alt-weeklies and rise of corporate media. / The Nation

How sentiment analysis technology assesses our online moods. / Knowable Magazine

From muscle loss to a slowing brain, what staying home and remaining sedentary can do to your body. / CNN

An art history grad student has discovered that three of Hopper's earliest paintings were copies from magazines. / The New York Times

"A man is recovering at his Decatur home after being bored Tuesday." The future of football, imagined. / SB Nation