Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Par for the bourse

A team of WHO scientists in China says the coronavirus likely first spread to humans through an animal. / The Guardian

A new study finds that people with dementia are at significantly greater risk of contracting Covid-19 and suffering its worst outcomes. / The New York Times.

Texas Republican Ron Wright becomes the first sitting member of Congress to die of Covid. In total, 71 representatives and senators have gotten it; Congressman-elect Luke Letlow died before being sworn in. / CBS News, Govtrack, NPR

Helen Branswell questions the WHO’s emergencies chief on why he’s hopeful, and when normalcy might return. / STAT

Smallpox was more contagious than Covid and had a 30% mortality rate. “Ring vaccination” helped to make it the world’s first eradicated disease. / Vox

Nearly twelve months into the pandemic, Facebook aims to take down misinformation on vaccines overall. / Recode

More than one million doses of different vaccines have been delivered around Africa by drone in the past year. / CNBC Africa

In order to curb the coronavirus, French workers may start eating lunch at their desks, a previously forbidden practice. / The New York Times

The year 2020 provided the clearest example yet of what can happen “when we allow stable housing options to become scarce.” / Vox

The story of two families who pooled their resources to rent a vacant McMansion in Orange County and become a pod. / The Los Angeles Times

Chicago is deeply segregated. Tonika Johnson's "Folded Map Project" helps residents find "map twins" and discuss systemic racism. / Colossal

What to expect from Donald Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, and why his allies think he’ll keep the Republican party firmly in his grip. / Vox, POLITICO

Adam Kinzinger: “My fellow Republicans, convicting Trump is necessary to save America.” / The Washington Post 

How a hot young company (Ample Hills ice cream) falls apart: misspending, too much growth, a pandemic. / Marker

Wondering why there's a pickup truck emoji? A good episode from "The Indicator" on the dark money in emojiconomics. / The Indicator

Existential questions from a Slack thread about gas—what does it mean if you remember memes better than your own life? / Defector

“He reminds you of falling off a cliff.” A tribute to Earl King, poet laureate of New Orleans. / The Bitter Southerner

Transgression can give vitality to art, but a rock star like Marilyn Manson mistreating women isn’t new—it’s a disgusting trope. / The New Yorker

Megan Marz reviews Maël Renouard’s newly-translated memoir of the Internet. / The Baffler

A fictional take on the future of office fashion: the Pår, a gray flannel suit that looks different to each person you meet. / Guernica