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Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Parasocial(ites).

Vladimir Putin's United Russia party is loath to lock down ahead of fall elections, creating a Covid doom loop. / Foreign Policy

David Wallace-Wells: Now is the time to rethink COVID safety protocols for children. / New York Magazine

One couple's way of traveling (more) safely this summer: a road trip to visit 43 bookstores and 53 breweries. / The Biblioracle Recommends

Photos of wildfires that have been burning in 10 Western states. / The Washington Post

Profiles of female prison inmates who’ve been recruited to fight wildfires in California. / New York Magazine

The Treasury Department is about to begin making a series of monthly payments to families with children. / The New York Times

States and insurers start to resurrect barriers to telehealth, putting strain on patients. / STAT

South Korea bans music above 120 beats per minute during group exercises in gyms to prevent panting. / The Guardian

With big acts rescheduling arena dates and small venues closing, new bands struggle to find places to play. / Rolling Stone

Interviews with five Black shoegazers and dream-pop musicians, working from the ‘80s to now. / Mixmag

In the early '70s, members of New York's downtown arts scene attempted to make "visual music." / The Kitchen

See also: Recent paintings by John Brosio. / John Brosio

A "parasocial" relationship refers to an intense, one-sided relationship with somebody who is famous on the internet. / Real Life Magazine

Some Indian judges use a florid writing style that’s nearly impossible to understand—even for India’s Supreme Court. / Popula

A new search engine excludes results from major web publishing platforms to highlight homemade sites. / Wiby

Lego releases a set replicating Jerry Seinfeld's apartment, complete with a loaf of marble rye. / Uncrate

A short, sweet documentary about an architect who trained under Richard Neutra, then moved with his wife into the remote California redwoods and has lived there ever since. / The Morning News

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