Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Pizza boom

Governors issue new restrictions in Iowa, North Dakota, West Virginia, and other states as the coronavirus surges. / The New York Times

Despite having no federal mandates to follow, more US airlines and airports are offering preflight coronavirus testing. / The Washington Post

New Zealand's Chatham Islands are experiencing overtourism from New Zealanders eager to travel. / CNN

Stores report that customers are hoarding toilet paper again. / The Daily Beast

Pizza is booming in the United States. Booming in a bad way: the $15 salad industry. / Marker

A pair of friends pass the pandemic by writing haikus. / The Atlantic

Emmanuel Macron accuses the American media of legitimizing violence. / The New York Times

See also: How the FBI (and a willing Los Angeles Times) set out to “neutralize” French actress Jean Seberg. / The Los Angeles Times

The White House is moving quickly to auction off drilling rights in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden assumes office. / The Washington Post

The man who craves attention above all is beginning to confront the public’s growing indifference. / POLITICO Magazine

On the political dimensions of wailing—an expression of grief that’s impossible to ignore. / Guernica

A woman who sat on the Breonna Taylor grand jury says prosecutors wanted to give police “a slap on the wrist and close it up.” / The Associated Press

Cori Bush, a new Representative from Missouri, wore a Breonna Taylor mask to her first day in Congress. Republican colleagues called her Breonna, assuming that was her name. / Instagram

More than 18,000 stateless people in Kenya lack official identity documents. One woman recently became the first to go to college. / UNHCR USA

In Venezuela, where digital money and dollars have replaced the bolívar, signs read Aceptamos Zelle (we accept Zelle). / Bloomberg

People upload more than 4.3 million gigabytes of data to Google products every day. How does that actually work? / Ask Metafilter

Twitter users share pictures of "especially ugly" buildings near them. / Twitter

Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg face Congress again. Also, a new show about deepfakes finds Zuckerberg to be the dialysis king of Wyoming. / TechCrunch, The Morning News

Beth Harmon isn't real, but if you enjoyed The Queen's Gambit, you might like the story of Vera Menchik. / Chess.com

If you ever had a problem with Nabokov, but loved him anyway, Patricia Lockwood is here for it. / The London Review of Books

The world’s oldest and largest art police unit stores thousands of artworks seized every year in a secure vault in Rome. / Atlas Obscura