Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Playing fast and goose

The rate of Covid-19 vaccinations in the United States continues to rise, a positive sign amid rising cases and hospitalizations. / CNN

As of last week, nine states have enacted 11 laws with prohibitions on vaccine mandates (two each for Arizona and Arkansas). / NPR

A Florida school district drops its mask mandate after the governor issues an executive order that would cut off funding. / The Hill

"From super-spreader sex houses to nude beach fistfights," tales of vaccinated partying in France. / Yahoo! news

David Wallace-Wells: ​​The UK's Delta surge is collapsing. When will ours? / New York Magazine

Meanwhile, Miami sees a rise in recovery centers to handle "the Brazilian butt lift" and its nightmarish, occasionally deadly consequences. / Vox

A round-up of acts of kindness and sportsmanship at this summer's Olympics. And some stories to watch in the Games' final week. / The Associated Press, NPR

A British diver knitted his way through the Games to avoid stress. Result? He won a gold medal. / BBC News

The actual medals in Tokyo are made from recycled cell phones; the cases are made from Japanese ash and magnets, dyed indigo blue. / Spoon & Tamago

A fourth person commits suicide at New York City's Vessel sclupture, where developers seem reluctant to install taller barriers. / The Daily Beast

Frank Lloyd Wright's Freeman House near Griffith Park is up for sale. / Uncrate

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Kelsey Piper: The "degrowth" movement to fight the climate emergency offers a romantic, utopian vision—but it's not a policy agenda. / Vox

Wage theft is one of the most prevalent crimes in the US, affecting millions of low-wage workers. Yet it passes largely unreported. / The Hustle

See also: Why targets of deliberate deception often hesitate to admit they've been deceived. / The Atlantic

A photograph of a goose flying upside-down likely captured the bird simply showing off. / WGME