China is increasingly barring people, including foreign executives, from leaving the country. / The Guardian

Young Chinese people have been migrating to Sweden in record numbers, only to discover it's less than ideal. / Sixth Tone

A Palestinian militant dies in an Israeli jail after almost three months of hunger strike—the first such death in more than three decades. / Reuters

Tim Harford: Much of 21st century policy has gone medieval, using ordeals to punish people. / Tim Harford

A report from a night out with climate activist group "the Tire Extinguishers," disarming SUVs around Europe. / Politico

California says it wants to electrify everything. In Texas, rural residents are frightened of solar development. / Grist, The Texas Tribune

California is about to begin a big experiment in "coercive compassion," forcing homeless people with severe mental illness into treatment programs instead of jail. / The Washington Post

Apple's new high-yield savings account, with a 4.15% annual return, receives $1 billion in deposits in four days. / Forbes

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Selections from Alice Hawkins' simulated photographs of Dolly Parton using fans, impersonators, and the photographer herself. / Dazed

Some musings on why so many people, celebrities included, have a butterfly tattooed on their sternum. / The Trend Report

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The cutting edge of coffee drinks features freeze-distilled and cryo-desiccated milk. / Sprudge