As the Northern Hemisphere emerges from the hottest summer on record, South America exits winter with temperatures pushing 110 degrees in parts of Brazil. / Grist

Since the beginning of summer, Ukraine has "massively" stepped up strikes on the Crimean peninsula. / The Economist

For US foreign policy, the ouster of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan "is an unambiguous, caveat-free, 100 percent success story." / Forever Wars

A new Supreme Court case, to be heard in October, is feared for a (highly unlikely) chance it could trigger a second Great Depression. / Vox

James Bernard Murphy: The "prophetic office" is still relevant today—Greta Thunberg, Kenneth Roth—even if it doesn't invoke divine authorization. / Cambridge University Press

Your weekly white paper: 1934's "On the Method of Theoretical Physics" by Albert Einstein. / Cambridge University Press

Some statistics on how many 12th graders have a driver's license, have tried alcohol, go on dates, etc. / Research Gate

See also: Jesus Christ, nepo baby. / The New Yorker

A brief history of emojis starts with high school girls in Japan abandoning their pagers. / One From Nippon

"Good feelings are strange and powerful." Recounting a trip to Amami Ōshima, Japan, by surfer Jerry Lopez. / Patagonia

A round-up of "peaks" that people may best accomplish, according to studies, after the age of 40. / The Guardian

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