Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Qué será, será.

Following last week's tariff increase on Chinese imports, China retaliates with tariffs on nearly $60 billion of US goods that would go into effect on June 1. According to one retail industry representative: "Americans' entire shopping cart will get more expensive."

The Trump administration has responded to the latest trade escalation with a new threat of tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, the full list of which you can see here.

Some suspect an anonymous WeChat account with a prescient view of the trade war may be government-run, as it's uncensored.

A continuously updated visualization of the timing of Trump's tweets about the economy and the Dow's performance.

The thing that’s gonna kill Uber is when Uber finally has to charge what it costs to get a car to you. A close look at Uber’s IPO suggests the company will never be profitable.

NASA and the White House are requesting an additional $1.6 billion in next year's budget to fund new lunar missions by 2024. The source of the funding is reportedly from a surplus in Pell Grants for college financial aid.

NASA is making three original lunar samples available for new experiments that may help explain the moon's origin.

They're working to destroy everything that was built post-World War II. How Russia and far-right groups are trying to undermine upcoming European elections.

On the turbulent life of America's virgin, Doris Day, who has died at 97.

See also: How Doris Day used her TV show on CBN in 1985 to bring empathy and love to Rock Hudson as he was dying from AIDS.

Heartbreaking stories of uninsured families waiting outside ERs, observing a sick loved one's condition to see if it worsens, because they can't afford the visit.

Truck traffic from the fracking boom has shredded a West Texas highway, increasing vehicle crashes by 300% in the past decade.

Citing a global helium shortage, Party City announces it's shuttering 45 stores.

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After six years, the New Orleans newspaper war ends as the Advocate purchases the Times-Picayune—but not its staff.

“You’re hearing ‘I can be famous.’ But the thing that you should be hearing is, ‘I can make you famous.’” A new book explores our current era of Rasputin-like figures.

Conan O'Brien on a joke-stealing lawsuit, and how Twitter intensifies the potential for making the same joke at the same time.

A critique of the new NPR Morning Edition theme music—which just changed after 40 years—mourns the loss of reassuring stability.

What to do with partially used seed packets: Plant a "chaos garden," and let nature take its course.

This week's ambience: 10 hours of walking the deck on the Titanic (a historical recreation).

An animation of the relative population of US states from 1790 to 2010.