Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Reading the tea leaves.

Today's special election in Ohio's 12th District is the final Democrat challenge to a Republican stronghold ahead of the midterms. And in today's Democratic primaries across four states, progressive candidates will test how far left some Democrats are ready to go.

"The rate of [Americans] 65 and older filing for bankruptcy is three times what it was in 1991."

A catalog of the weapons monopolies wield—e.g., non-compete agreements—and our arsenal against them.

Citing hate speech, Apple, Facebook, and Spotify have erased Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms. Although, for as-yet-unspecified reasons, Apple has not removed the Infowars app from the App Store.

In the Manafort trial, Rick Gates takes the stand against his former boss, testifying the two worked together to commit tax fraud.

Could we have averted climate change 30 years ago? Only if we'd defeated capitalism while it was at its zenith.

Researchers have caught and photographed hundreds of Ecuador's reptiles, discovering new species in the process.

Balloon-animal birds in their real-life counterparts' natural habitats, by T. James Cook.

With no end in sight, America's war on terror has become "generational."

If Trump learned anything from Charlottesville, it's that he won't lose core voters over racial remarks.

MoviePass won't last. Blame Silicon Valley's insane standards, where nothing less than dominance is worth funding.

Some people could feel more hopeless or discouraged when they hear that someone with more resources and privilege than they have still can’t get their anxiety under control. When celebrities self-disclose anxiety, says a psychiatrist, patients are divided: Some relate, others are annoyed.

Russia appoints honorary citizen and Putin defender Steven Seagal its special humanitarian envoy in the US.

While fewer American high schoolers are smoking cigarettes, more are vaping, which they regard as less harmful.

Language may just be too human a thing to be treated in an entirely detached, scientific way. Indeed, I’m not sure I want to live in a society in which citizens can’t call out government leaders when they start subverting language in distressing ways. The era of dictionaries describing how people use language—rather than prescribing how they should—may be ending.

Two elderly nursing home escapees head to the world's largest heavy metal festival, headlined by Danzig.

A brief history of open floor plans in houses, and why more rooms are better, no matter what anyone tells you.