Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Ready?

A politics wonk in DC explains how to properly "enjoy" today’s elections, broken down by segments of the day. / Five Points by Matt Glassman

Voting in person is roughly as safe as going to the grocery store. / Vox

Reuters is equipping its reporters with protective gear. Retailers prepare for riots. A "non-scalable" fence is being installed around the White House. / The Daily Beast, Quartz, CNN

An incomplete history of violence perpetrated by white people during elections. / The Root

Clara Jeffery: “The entire country is awaiting a biopsy result.” Kate Sweeny: “If you’re feeling like crap, you’re not alone.” / Twitter, The New York Times

Nate Silver: “I’m Here To Remind You That Trump Can Still Win.” / FiveThirtyEight 

If Trump wins, a list of likely explanations for how it happened. / The Washington Post

A list of scientific institutions and traditions that are threatened by a Trump victory. Also, the US leaves the Paris Agreement tomorrow. / STAT, ABC News

Experts imagine Trump’s post-presidential life if he loses. / POLITICO Magazine

Ross Douthat: What if the biggest thing we lost during the Trump years “is the chance not to repeat the experience soon enough?” / The New York Times

Watch: Dance steps inspired by life in 2020, from the “Can I Get Six Feet, Please” to the “I Miss Obama." / The New Yorker

The one-month lockdown for England announced this weekend may get extended. / Reuters

Japan deploys carbon dioxide-monitoring devices and wind-speed measuring machines to pack more people into baseball stadiums. / ESPN

In Thai, to speak without pronouns is to renounce a hierarchical system—essentially the same one that’s currently under protest. / Thai Enquirer

Gunmen opened fire at six locations near Vienna's central synagogue, wounding 17 people. / BBC News

An appreciation from Anthony Lane for the late Sean Connery. Also, “The Watches Of James Bond (And Why They Matter).” / The New Yorker, Hodinkee

New York City isn’t done by a long shot, but the city previously known as “Instagram New York” is likely finished (for now). / GEN

A performance artist in New York writes letters to people's family and friends who are feeling blue. / The New York Times

Why are so many people feeling the stress of the moment? Our "surge capacity" was depleted months ago. / MSNBC

A runaway train in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam, was saved by a sculpture of a whale's tail. / BBC News