Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Red plant redemption.

Omicron now accounts for 73% of all new US Covid cases, and has surpassed delta as the most prominent variant in the country. / Associated Press

So far, the onset of omicron looks different from previous variants; early symptoms resemble the common cold. / KTLA

"After waiting about 35 minutes in line next to 'visibly sick' people, the 22-year-old was told her insurance wouldn't cover her visit." America's Covid testing is going just great. / BuzzFeed News

The White House says, starting in January, free at-home Covid test kits will be sent to any Americans who request one. / NBC News

The WHO is urging people to cancel their holiday plans to stem omicron's spread; the travel industry says there's no sign Americans are going to do that. / BBC News, the Atlantic

"Perhaps no other plant… wilts quicker, or is more disappointing to those who receive it." A history of poinsettias. / The Hustle

Texas public libraries are seeing a rise in challenges from residents over children and young-adult books that address same-sex relationships, sexuality, and race. / The Texas Tribune

TikTok abruptly changed its algorithm after a WSJ report revealed how users can be sucked into rabbit holes of harmful content. / The Verge

New EPA rules will require new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles to average 55 miles a gallon by 2026—up from today's 38 miles per gallon. / The New York Times

"During the pandemic, many people have rediscovered the aural joys of nature." The year in field recordings and soundscapes. / A Closer Listen

As psychedelic therapy gains acceptance, researchers are devoting more time to finding the right soundtrack for your trip. / The Daily Beast

"In the Witcher games, monsters are never just monsters but manifestations of human trauma." Finding a way through PTSD—through fantasy video games. / The Cut

To improve streaming royalties for musicians, one group proposes direct payments using an existing system for satellite radio payouts. / Dada Drummer Almanach

"It's natural enough in a libertarian world to believe that something that benefits you must automatically be 'right' for the whole world." Brian Eno is trying to keep an open mind on NFTs. / The Crypto Syllabus

On Darren Bader's found-object assemblage: "This kind of art making is exceedingly easy to do, and almost impossible to do very well." / Hyperallergic