Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Sand, meet hourglass.

Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with running a sex-trafficking operation involving underage girls as young as 14.

How Russian intelligence helped start and spread the Seth Rich conspiracy theory that eventually made its way to primetime Fox News.

Homeland Security plans to hold mass video immigration proceedings in “port court” tents along the border.

The FBI and ICE are implementing facial recognition on US state driver's license databases—without citizens' knowledge or consent.

Citing a First Amendment violation, a federal judge has blocked a Trump administration rule requiring pharma companies to display list prices in television commercials.

“Everyone running this event should be ashamed, although don’t hold your breath on that occurring. The only way to get a FIFA official to feel shame is to bribe him or her to feel shame.” The 2019 World Cup was a triumph for the US and for women’s soccer. In many ways, however, it was a litany of tragedies.

The lawsuit filed by the US women's national soccer team isn't about bonus structures. It's about women's sports being a valuable business.

The USWNT's success is also a victory for title IX, which required equal sports opportunities and scholarship funding for women.

The exciting Wimbledon run for Coco Gauff, the youngest player ever to qualify for the main draw, ended yesterday in a fourth-round loss to Simona Halep.

Tennis players like Federer and Djokovic don't talk much about the data-analysis teams they pay to help shape their strategies.

New York bookseller Michael Seidenberg, who turned his Upper East Side apartment into an under-the-radar bookstore, died last night. Find out more about Seidenberg and Brazenhead Books in this 2015 profile.

“How come you’re not grateful?” A roundtable of black film directors discuss breaking through in the '90s, only to be shut out.

San Francisco and the California coast face a certain future of rising seas, flooding, "and tax dollars falling into the ocean."

Last week's Ridgecrest earthquakes in California left a big crack in the desert. Naturally, you want to stick your arm in it.

I felt the force reflected in centuries of writings on friendship and the many recent studies that purport to show the health benefits of our connections with others. I felt better. I was distracted from my grief, but also comforted, a combination only a friend can provide. Jessica Francis Kane’s new novel is about friendship boundaries. As an experiment, she tried them out in her own life.

Climate change is causing Greenland's ice sheet to melt, opening up massive amounts of sediment, which could ease the world's sand shortage.

Related: Fierce demand for sand and gravel is resulting in a global scarcity that could inflict "environmental, social, and economic harm."

Citizen scientists are tracking nurdles—discarded pellets from plastic manufacturing—that wash up on Gulf of Mexico shorelines.

Doomsday math posits a 50% chance that humans will die out within 760 years—and a 50% chance we'll survive (possibly far) beyond.

"I knew it was wrong then." Men—some young, some old—describe regrets about ways they've behaved toward girls and women.

Defendants sometimes pay private companies hundreds of dollars a month for an ankle monitor—and if they can't pay, they may go to jail. (Read more stories like this in our Editors' Longreads Picks.)

Photographers, artists, and others provide images requested by inmates in solitary confinement.

I know what you’re thinking: it cannot be this easy. Surely you’ll be arrested, tried and jailed if you try to follow this five-step process. But if you look at what British officials do, rather than at what they say, you’ll begin to feel a lot more secure. How to launder money in the UK, the world’s best place to do it.

(Corrections from Saturday’s newsletter: Agog with soccer and tennis over the weekend, we erroneously stated the World Cup final would occur on Saturday. It happened on Sunday. Also, the video we linked for the match point of Gauff's third-round Wimbledon victory was incorrect. Here’s the right video.)