Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Shack, shook.

The president wants to suspend all immigration to protect the country from an “invisible enemy.”

"Trump, who says the country is ready to begin reopening, says the crisis is so bad that he is signing an order 'temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!'"

According to author Ted Chiang, what we’re living through is partly a disaster novel, mostly a grotesque political satire.

Biden outraised Trump last month, though he enters the general election significantly outmatched.

Knowing what not to do is an important aspect of planning for November's big vote, and yet it's largely overlooked.

At least 40 staff members in Afghanistan’s presidential palace have tested positive for Covid-19.

New Zealand will begin easing its national lockdown next week.

Research suggests that up to 442,000 people in Los Angeles County have been infected by the coronavirus—possibly 55 times higher than the official count.

Large companies face outrage for big loans received through the Paycheck Protection Program, intended for small businesses. Shake Shack announces it will return its $10 million.

“They are facing a supply problem and a demand problem." Lockdowns are disrupting the drug trade from production to sales.

Entrepreneurs are rising up to meet the bread-making demand. Meanwhile, resellers say the demand for the Birkin bag remains stable.

In New York City, some people are making masks out of salad containers.

A site in central Texas that may date back 15,000 years shows the origins of "what can be called Texas Mexican food."

NASA has funded the construction of a massive telescope inside a natural crater on the far side of the Moon.

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Art stuff: The Getty Museum offers masterpieces for your home in Animal Crossings. Mail art from the Archives of American Art.

“Imagine yourself here in the barn, here with the sheep.” Airbnb’s worldwide experiences switch to Zoom. 

New Yorkers are now officially able to get married over video conference.

Pandemics tend to be disasters for feminism, and governments are too reactive to be of much help.

Ernest Hemingway was once quarantined with his wife, sick toddler, and his mistress. "He took quite nicely to it."

Novak Djokovic's opposition to vaccination may prevent his return to tennis. Meanwhile, some Italians play on rooftops.