Spotted lanternflies, the "Labor Day pest," seem like a plague to residents of New York City and Pittsburgh. Invasive hornets are "wreaking havoc" in mainland Europe. / MSNBC, BBC News

Unrelated: Werner Herzog pays tribute to a family that adopted him (in Pittsburgh). / The New Yorker 

The United States has gotten "extraordinarily good" at drilling since the 2000s, and now those skills are being applied to novel geothermal projects. / The New York Times

Studies estimate that biofuels have increased emissions, not decreased them. / Sustainability by numbers

Geoff Mann: It's​ easy to forget that this isn't the first time the world has seemed to teeter on a precipice. / The London Review of Books

By the end of last year, 101 CEOs of S&P 500 companies had held their jobs for more than a decade, up from just 36 10 years earlier. / The Economist

A study finds San Francisco workers have the country's most expensive commute ($12,650). / SFGate

The phrase "home blocked" refers to Gen Z-ers feeling thwarted in sex because they live at home with their parents. / The New York Post

Sticking out your tongue while doing delicate work with your hands "reveals a history of evolutionary relationships." / Quanta magazine

AI is being used for cultural preservation in the Western Himalayas. It's also being used to make fashion magazines. / Medium, Copy Mag

Unrelated: Paying tribute to large buildings that contain holes. / misfits' architecture

Highlights from an annual gathering of bicycle builders. / The Radavist

Since Taylor Swift isn't taking her "Eras" tour to the Philippines, a local drag performer is recreating the experience for enormous crowds. / Vulture