Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Some users are more equal than others.

A guide to today's California recall election—and yes, Trump and Republicans are already saying there's fraud. / Wake Up to Politics

See also: Right now the polls look good for Newsom. But you know, polls. / FiveThirtyEight

"Serial plaintiffs are protected to litigate each of their cases." A legal annotation of Texas's abortion ban. / The Texas Tribune

Facebook exempts nearly six million high-profile users from the moderation processes that apply to the rest of its user base. / The Verge

A new World Bank report estimates at least 44 million people—and as many as 216 million—will need to move due to climate change by 2050. / Associated Press

Last year, 227 environmental activists were killed in connection to their work—the most since records began in 2012. / NPR

"You're not going to get sued for not vaccinating somebody; you're going to get sued for a complication." Why some doctors tell patients not to get vaccinated. / The Atlantic

The view from the red carpet at the 2021 Met Gala was all about celebrating what American independence looks like today. / The Cut

Photos from Ethiopia's civil war over Tigray. / The Guardian

See also: Yesterday morning, in an under-caffeinated attempt to correct for a mistake, we made another mistake in saying "Egypt" rather than "Ethiopia." Our apologies. / The Morning News

The cardboard beds from Tokyo's Olympic Village will be reused for Covid patients at a temporary facility in Osaka. / VICE

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A gorgeous photo essay about exploring glacier interiors to study climate change. / The New York Times

At Japan's annual Wara Art Festival, leftover straw from the region's rice harvest is turned into huge sculptures of animals. / Colossal

Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins sings on "Tales From the Trash Stratum," the new single from Oneohtrix Point Never's upcoming album. / The Morning News

Twenty-five years ago, David Bowie became the first major artist to offer a downloadable mp3. / InsideHook

Vintage websites that are still online. / 404PageFound

A real-time wind map of Earth. / Windy

How to visit the real-world hills from the Microsoft Windows XP default wallpaper. / Atlas Obscura

Post-lecture university chalkboards photographed by Jessica Wynne. / Edwynn Houk Gallery