Medicare announces the 10 drugs that will be up first for price negotiation. / STAT News

Scientists search for ways to improve air quality in dilapidated school buildings in order to prevent Covid breakouts. / The New York Times

In today's Covid wave, experts advise putting a mask on if you're somewhere crowded, "not rearranging your life." / Slate

Exxon says the world is set to fail the UN's 2°C global warming cap by 2050. / Reuters

A catastrophic die-off of emperor penguin chicks is seen in the Antarctic. / BBC News

Your weekly white paper: "Most artists' reputations peak just before their death, and then start to decline." / PNAS

Studies find more Americans moving to Europe lately, "and many are fleers rather than seekers." / The Economist

News organizations like CNN, The New York Times, and Reuters are said to be in a cold war with OpenAI. / Reliable Sources

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Why don't certain public places smell like they did when we were children? / The Melt 

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