Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: super spreaders.

Authorities are planning to lift the mass quarantine on Wuhan, where the global coronavirus outbreak began.

Meanwhile, the UK becomes the latest country to go into lockdown. Sweden is trying a “laissez-faire” model.

Trump says he may soon push businesses to reopen, defying the advice of coronavirus experts.

A man is dead and his wife is in critical care after they took chloroquine phosphate—a drug Trump promoted as a potential treatment for the coronavirus. (It’s not.)

Sean Hannity reads Mike Pence a letter from an unidentified doctor detailing a drug “regimen” claiming to prevent coronavirus deaths.

Sixteen people are sick following a party at LA’s Trump National Golf Club. A birthday party in Connecticut has become a “super spreader.”

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"'Paradigm shift' is among the most overused phrases in journalism." Thirty-four thinkers on the coronavirus's big effects.

China has a history of mishandling outbreaks, yes, but we need candid conversation and strengthened institutions, not more tension and blame.

After President Trump labels it the “Chinese virus,” many Chinese-Americans report racist attacks.

San Francisco’s fanciest hotels are competing for new clientele: quarantined SRO residents.

Demand for some New York restaurants is so high, the police are needed to monitor public health.

Brooklyn craft distilleries are producing artisanal hand sanitizer in pretty glass bottles.

A lost sense of taste and smell is a common early warning sign of a coronavirus infection, doctors say.

Social distancing is like the Milwaukee Protocol—used to treat rabies—just for the whole country, all at once. 

A brief comparison of how people thought they’d dress for the Apocalypse versus how they are actually dressing for the Apocalypse.

A new favorite pastime for indoors recreation: Dancing with thousands of others. See also: album listening parties. 

A French mix for your workday, or your whatever-day, or whatever.

In case you've recently started streaming Dave, Lil Dicky wants you to know that all the shocking stuff is real.

A poem for your week: “Singularity” by Marie Howe.