Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: T-minus one.

Online caches show Trump campaign members played key roles in the rally that happened before the insurrection, and have attempted to erase posts connecting them to the event. / Associated Press

"What is striking about the videos, though, is how often this entitlement is laced with insecurity." Important moments and themes from the Parler insurrection videos. / ProPublica

Though still not functional, Parler's website is back online with the help of a Russian-owned hosting company. / US News & World Report

The FBI is investigating whether a Capitol insurrectionist stole a laptop from Pelosi's office and wanted to sell it to Russia. / BuzzFeed News

A Christian fundraising site has raised more than $321,000 for efforts that have promoted election conspiracy theories. / The Washington Post

"They're using something they call history to stoke culture wars." Historians weigh in on the Trump White House's "1776 Report," released yesterday. / The New York Times

"We had to be ready with facts, to push back, to make sure we were not being used." Nearly two dozen female political journalists on what it was like covering Trump. / Elle

Nathan Apodaca, the skateboarding TikToker who lip-synced to Fleetwood Mac, will be part of Biden's virtual inauguration parade. / Consequence of Sound

The "Trump baby" blimp that ascended whenever the president traveled to the UK will now make its home at the Museum of London. / The Guardian

"I became the go-to person to sue the president." The attorney who's ready to hit a post-presidency Trump with multiple lawsuits. / The Washington Post

Schumer and McConnell are nearing an agreement on how to share power in a 50-50 Senate. So far, it appears Democrats will control the schedule, but both parties will hold an equal number of committee seats. / CNN

Tom Daschle and Trent Lott on the challenges they faced when sharing power 20 years ago. / The Washington Post

"Replace Sly Stallone with Bart Simpson, and that's the gist." Thirty years later, a look back at Operation Desert Storm T-shirts. / The Baffler

The internet tried to solve the case of a hiker who was found dead. Here is the true story of Vance Rodriguez—aka Mostly Harmless. / WIRED

A person claiming to be afraid to travel due to Covid was found living at O'Hare International Airport for three months. / Chicago Tribune

With digital enclosure, counter-hegemony can only thrive in the "dark forest" beyond Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. / Document

"The stomachache lasts into the next day." Exploring the current crop of functional beverages that promote relaxation. / The Verge

Realistic surrealism in paintings by Cinta Vidal. / This Isn't Happiness

On Phil Spector's death: If we don't separate the art from the artist, we erase those musicians—many of them Black women—whose work he produced. / InsideHook

Watch: Ten hours of the "drum technique" from the Karate Kid II. / The Morning News

US states by Wikipedia article length. / Reddit

An in-browser theremin simulator. / Femur