Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Texas is trolling you.

After being deployed on Jan. 6, the National Guard will fully depart the US Capitol grounds this week. / The Washington Post

Texas Gov. Abbott is set to sign a bill that will allow Texans to carry handguns without a license. / The Texas Tribune

"White tears hit different in a European accent." Black writers on interacting with white people in the year after George Floyd's murder. / The Cut

An interactive recreation of life in the Greenwood neighborhood before the Tulsa Race Massacre left more than 1,250 homes burned and hundreds dead in 1921. / The New York Times

A ranking of US hospitals' racial inclusivity, defined as those that serve the people of color in their surrounding neighborhoods. / The Lown Institute Hospitals Index

TikTok's algorithm appears to identify homophobic users and then fill their feeds with anti-LGBTQ videos. / Media Matters

How a shepherd saved six runners from the extreme weather that that killed 21 during an ultra-marathon in China. / BBC

"Switching from cows to chickens is a way to somewhat reduce carbon emissions—but it comes with a massive increase in animal suffering." / Vox

How an Austin gallery that opened in 1967—and closed just four years later—established the Texas contemporary art scene. / Texas Monthly

Renowned tattoo artists are joining together to open an NFT marketplace, where they'll sell their original designs. / The New York Times

See also: The "Charlie Bit My Finger" video sold as an NFT for $760,999 on Sunday. / NBC News

Photographer and artist JR has installed a trompe l'oeil canyon beneath the Eiffel Tower. / The Connexion

How the original Space Jam website was made. (The designers still won't say how many Easter eggs are embedded in the code.) / The New York Times

A new book collects 1,000 famous design patents, from the Thigh Master to the fidget spinner. / Hyperallergic

A retrospective of Margaret Wise Brown's homes, including the West Village farmhouse with the Goodnight Moon fireplace. / Literary Hub

Beautiful linocuts of sparse forests, by Paul Hogg. / This Isn't Happiness