Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Thank u, nope.

Eight-one percent of American adults believe Robert Mueller’s report should be released, including 79 percent of Republicans.

About 34% of Americans say putting on blackface for Halloween is always or sometimes acceptable.

A computer model predicts which nations currently are at greatest risk for genocide: the DRC, Afghanistan, and Egypt.

Public Service Announcements may be cheesy, but in Uganda they're effectively lowering domestic violence.

Going into Nigeria's big election, President Buhari has delivered on just seven of the 222 pledges he made as a candidate.

Thanks to Bob Marley, Ethiopia's Haile Selassie is mythologized as a god, not as a Europe-loving slave-master.

Recent works by Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj.

After a surge of political and community opposition, Amazon may not build its new headquarters in New York City after all.

Boyle Heights is ground zero for gentrification in Los Angeles. An activist group offers a model for other neighborhoods to adopt.

In 2018, Oregon’s marijuana producers grew more than twice as much as was consumed. So far it hasn't leaked into the black market.

Thanks to e-cigarettes, 4.9 million high school and middle school kids used tobacco products in 2018, up from 3.6 million in 2017.

Japanese women resist the Valentine Day's tradition of "obligation chocolate," where they must give candies to male colleagues and friends.

A Japanese snack company caters to phone addicts by offering chips that only need one hand to eat (they're pre-crushed).

Toronto has too many hockey players and not enough goalies—so there’s a booming market of “rental goalies” (who make about $50 a game).

Lego apps, island internet, storage containers, radar: A list of "frontier markets" to be explored in 2019.

Inspired by Tinder, there’s a new matchmaking app for livestock called Tudder.

A reporter attempts to keep news of his unborn child off the internet. Nope.

A researcher says the effects of fake news are overhyped, but we still need to be on guard, especially with Trump on Twitter.

A San Francisco native sees two migrations: the ongoing California dream, and the departure of California’s children.

What a school for homeless children looks like when the kids are involved in designing it.

Why do musicians believe that performing Bach is a spiritual exercise?

One of China’s best known citizen journalists, now a documentary filmmaker, talks about feeling a sense of responsibility to history.

Bob Costas won 28 Emmys and eight National Sportscaster of the Year awards—and basically lost his job for wanting to talk about concussions.