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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: The draft and the furious

The Supreme Court plans to strike down Roe v. Wade according to a draft of the decision—the first to be leaked in the modern era while a case is still pending. / Politico

According to the National Catholic Register, if the decision holds in July, more than a dozen states will immediately outlaw abortion. After that, look for a push for a nationwide ban. / The National Catholic Register, The Washington Post

In another leak, it appears Chief Justice Roberts plans to dissent. / CNN

People argue over the leak and whether the news is destructive, not so awful, actually beneficial to those who would overturn Roe, or simply horrifying, truly tragic. / Twitter

From December, in case you missed it: Merritt Tierce's stunning story about erasing her own future. / The New York Times Magazine

Novelist Héctor Tobar tries to understand the 1992 Los Angeles riots through the experiences of a single high school. / The New York Times Magazine

California goes after the fossil fuel industry for its "decades-long plastics deception"—i.e., its lies around plastic recycling. / Grist

See also: A 1950s radioactive learning set came complete with uranium-bearing ores. / Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Today's "sleep wearable" devices promote rest, though they reconfigure passivity as productivity. / Real Life

Miami real estate brokers and property sellers struggle to cater to their new crypto customers. / Fortune

One reason Spotify stock is trading lower than its IPO price? It generates less cash "than a single hit movie." / The Honest Broker

South Korea counts your age three ways—"Korean age," "year age," and the global method—but the system is on the verge of change. / The New York Times

Unrelated: Some bizarre cases from the Talmud. / Talmudology

After World War II, Italy developed a system of nameless streets for traveling workers, like circus performers. Now it's used by homeless people. / Atlas Obscura

A granddaughter of department store owners memorializes the floors of Barneys. / The Paris Review

Photographs of Edinburgh between 1957 and 1969, by Robert Blomfield. / Robert Blomfield

A new art show in Minneapolis focuses on America as a haunted place. / Art Forum