Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: The faux-artisanal.

A very good, awful, lucid list of facts from the last 10 days in Trump’s America, from pig manure to Canadian crabs.

Christine Blasey Ford won't be able to go home for quite some time, says her lawyer, due to "unending" death threats.

"How do you feel?" "Tired. Really tired." A week in the life of the third woman to win the Nobel prize for physics.

Cory Booker goes to Iowa and receives four standing ovations in Des Moines.

Hurricane Michael intensifies as it approaches the Gulf Coast.

Photographs of an empty Tokyo during a typhoon warning.

A big new UN report says global warming will reach dangerous levels faster than previously thought.

Climate change getting worse is such a safe bet that investors are gambling on it.

FEMA works in defiance of climate change, in a cycle of "damage and repair," leaving structures nearly as vulnerable as before.

One of the winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in economics thinks we need “conditional optimism” to combat climate change.

A gold rush town near Yosemite, after a year of disastrous fires, finds a new enemy is scaring tourists away: Google Maps.

For decades, social scientists have documented “compassion collapse,” when people care more about the suffering of single individuals, and less about the pain of large groups.

Between October 2011 and November 2017 there were 259 reported deaths from taking selfies, or "selficides."

"I crashed so you don’t have to." A journalist offers a novice's guide to electric scooters.

Why do big companies squander great ideas? Because they require big organizational changes to foster.

Video: “Columbusing” is when a person believes that they discovered something that isn’t exactly new.

The International Airbnb Style is a realm of coffee shops, bars, and homes around the world that all look the same.