Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: The final frontier.

Art Laboe, a radio DJ who helped desegregate American music—and who broadcast his final show on Sunday after 79 years on the air—has died at 97. / NBC News

The story of Shervin Hajipour's "Baraye," the song that's become the anthem of the Iranian protests. / Pitchfork

A Vermont town employee quietly reduced fluoride levels in the water supply, citing an unfounded theory about Chinese quality control. / Associated Press

The origins of "longtermerism"—living beyond Earth and even our own bodies—are very white, and very male. / Los Angeles Times

William Shatner on going to space: "The contrast between the vicious coldness of space and the warm nurturing of Earth below filled me with overwhelming sadness." / Variety

"The hottest place in our solar system is not the Sun, as you might think, but a machine near a south Oxfordshire village." / National Geographic

The iPhone's new Crash Detection feature is setting off 911 calls when its users ride rollercoasters. / The Verge

"Out of all the different kinds of Mexican and Mexican American dishes—sopes, flautas, huaraches, enfrijoladas, tlayudas—why did gringos latch on to the taco?" / Texas Monthly

A digital artist known for his work on fantasy games, Grzegorz Rutkowski's name has been a prompt on AI image generators tens of thousands of times—to his dismay. / Hyperallergic

See also: An AI-generated podcast of Joe Rogan interviewing Steve Jobs. / podcast.ai

"Juvenile males around British Columbia have taken to playing with prawn and crab traps." On orcas' cultural fads. / Atlas Obscura

A physician describes the dilemma of treating patients—sometimes in extreme, painful ways—even when the chances of survival are slim to none. / The Walrus

"Why would a nonprofit focused on something so anodyne as computer recycling also own a mysterious occult object?" / Read Max

What we're listening to: "Angel," the latest track from Sault. / YouTube