Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: The good, the bad, and the coffee

Moderna says that if its vaccine is approved for emergency use, Americans could get injections as soon as December 21. / The Associated Press

Centers for Disease Control advisers will vote today on who should get first priority for vaccines. / CNN

The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 in the US reached a record 96,039 on Monday. “Our failure to protect ourselves has caught up to us.” / CNN, The New York Times

Further evidence that testing can control the coronavirus? How about the massive experiment being conducted by more than 100 New England schools. / WBUR

A new study says the coronavirus was present in the US weeks earlier than we thought. / NPR

A tool from MIT demonstrates how long it takes to get infected if one person in a room with you has Covid. / FastCompany

In case you haven’t seen it: “Dear Pandemic” is an interdisciplinary all-female team of researchers and clinicians that answers your virus questions. / Dear Pandemic

Psychologists guess that, based on earlier research, half of US kids will weather this period just fine, but millions will likely bear scars. / The Cut

Biden’s other health crisis: A resurgent drug epidemic that’s “only grown more dire during the pandemic.” / POLITICO

What it's like to teach children about the election in parts of the country that favored Trump. / The Washington Post

Christoph Niemann and other illustrators discuss whether the president will have a lasting impact on graphic design. / It's Nice That

Arizona and Wisconsin certify Biden’s election wins. Dr. Scott Atlas, Trump’s favorite coronavirus expert, resigns. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who eliminated net neutrality, will leave his post. / Bloomberg, NBC News, Ars Technica

Immigrant voters often look to their home country for perceptions of US politics, especially for ideas on picking candidates. / Vox

A graphic nicely puts global population density in perspective. / Twitter

In the three decades leading to 2030, it's estimated that an area the size of Italy will have been abandoned inside the EU. / The Guardian

Not even a pedophilia scandal can crack France’s literary institutions. (On prize panels, highly valued appointments are for life.) / The New York Times

Internal Amazon reports reveal the company's “obsessive monitoring” of labor, social, and environmental groups in Europe. / VICE

After pressure from environmentalists, Bank of America becomes the last major US bank to say it won’t provide project financing for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. / Bloomberg

There are at least 11 songs about Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s state epidemiologist, and most of them are tributes. / Twitter 

Some recent stories and interviews we enjoyed if you happen to struggle with loneliness. / The Morning News

Unrelated: Tips on how to get the coffee grounds out of the bottom of your French press. / Ask Metafilter