Headlines Here!

Tuesday headlines: The kind survive.

Trump officially launches his reelection bid and quickly fires several pollsters after numbers leak showing the President trailing Democratic candidates in key states.

Trump says ICE will make mass arrests of “millions” of undocumented immigrants starting “next week.”

In El Paso, Border Patrol is detaining migrants in “a human dog pound.”

Power is restored to much of Argentina and Uruguay after a massive electrical failure.

Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency called Libra, so users can send payments to one another.

New York City is about to get bombarded by electric scooters.

See also: Bird Graveyard, the Instagram account for scooters that meet an untimely death.

A good episode of the Planet Money podcast demonstrates that big cities are bad calls, economically, for people lacking college degrees.

Watch: A (mesmerizing) typical commute in Los Angeles from 1988.

Why do people in LA use definite articles before their freeway names? Because they had freeways before everybody else.

YIGBY, or “yes in God’s backyard,” refers to churches starting to build affordable housing on their properties.

Watch: "Survival of the fittest" really means that we should be sympathetic to one another.

A free documentary for your downtime tonight: Thank You for Coming, about one woman's journey to find her biological (sperm-donating) father.

Hearing this woman say it to my face, it shocked me. She said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I treated you as entertainment.” Amanda Knox explains what it’s like to exist in the odd space of “involuntary public figuredom.”

Another "hidden figure"—the woman whose actuarial insights, employed by the Census, were borrowed to pioneer life insurance.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow tout crystals for healing properties, with no idea if they're connected to human-rights abuses.

From 2017: the hunt for “su filindeu,” possibly the world's rarest pasta, requires a march of 20 miles in the dark.

Ark of Taste is a catalog of "more than 200 delicious and culturally significant foods in danger of extinction."

Mackerel migration, berries in season, the constellation of the month: a collection of natural facts about June.