Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: The never-ending legal battle over Taco Tuesdays.

Bracing for an increasingly dangerous Hurricane Florence, more than a million people may face mandatory evacuation in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

If public housing is the physical manifestation of a hope for social progress, that hope has its own historical twist in the United States. Nine of the ten most racially segregated American cities are all located in the North.

Despite protest threats, Nike's online sales grew by 31% over the weekend after the Kaepernick ad was launched.

"Russia is quite a chauvinistic country. They don’t like black people here." Interviews with Afro-Russians.

The book that's left behind most frequently in hotels? Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

A spreadsheet passed among Republicans predicts the investigations Democrats might launch if they flip the House.

If tennis would catch up with the 21st century and allow coaching on every point, the situation on the court would never have escalated to the level of absurdity that it did. Billie Jean King: Serena may be a champion, but she’s also a woman who was penalized for standing up for herself.

The best summary of events we've seen to explain how the US Open's women's final descended into chaos.

The first novelist arrested for morality reasons in modern Egypt is let out from prison.

Interviews with some of the homeless people who live at nearly every landmark around Los Angeles.

In 2012, 49% of teens preferred to communicate in person. In 2018, it's down to 32%.

"Unschooling" is the movement to move away from guided learning. It may especially benefit the “neuroatypical.”

Millennial memoirists’ self-worth... seems to be measured out in acceptance letters. They merge with the institutions that accept them. An overview of memoirs by millennials.

Recent studies suggest that Earth might be home to a staggering one trillion species if we include microorganisms.

Video: Interviews with some of the engineers behind the NASA-JPL Mars InSight robotic lander.

“Somebody from our marketing department once said to me it would cost us up to $3 million a month in advertising to get as much exposure to the public as having our magazines out on the newsstand.” Glossy magazines are dying, but the magazine cover is still as relevant as ever.

URLs are getting longer and gnarlier by the year. Google wonders if there's another way to address the web.

Daydreaming is the cause of sorrow. Excerpts from a remarkable scrapbook compiled during World War I.

An anatomical map, exploded-view diagram, and breakdown of the amazing complexity inside an Amazon Echo.

The first true documented use of “Taco Tuesday” appeared in the Aug. 20, 1973, edition of the Rapid City Journal in South Dakota. The legal battle over “Taco Tuesdays” is neverending, especially in the Midwest.

A digital museum of disappearing sounds. (Think pencil sharpener, dial-up tone, ViewMaster, typewriter keys.)

Video: How to make a car-racing game out of cardboard.