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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: The numbers don’t lie

David Leonhardt: The American political right has a violence problem "that has no equivalent on the left." / The New York Times

Exploring domestic extremist-related killings by perpetrator affiliation, 2012-2021. / The Anti-Defamation League

Seven things to watch in today's primaries across Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. / Politico

Unrelated: The National Fire Situational Awareness map. / The National Wildfire Coordinating Group

In many big cities around the globe, you can have peace or you can have weak gangs, "but you can't easily get both." / Chris Blattman

A report on why India is likely to be this year's fastest-growing big economy despite "ups and downs and bitter controversy." / The Economist

The US is pumping billions into Ukraine, almost nothing into its climate obligations. "Climate change continues to be scarier." / Goats and Soda

A new group is funding a corps of 17 scientist "scouts" to look for risky ideas to fight climate change. / Science

Researchers use blue-green algae to create a battery that uses nothing but ambient light and water. / University of Cambridge

In the vending machine business, which hasn't really changed in decades, "planogramming" is deciding what goes where. / The Guardian

A study finds the typical rich American is the owner of a regional business, such as an auto dealer or a beverage distributor. / The New York Times

Balenciaga is selling 100 pairs of completely destroyed sneakers for $1,850 per pair. Also, the brief history of Nolita Dirtbag. / Moss and Fog, Complex

A day in the life of Chad Hugo, formerly of the Neptunes duo with Pharrell, now playing weekly in a community jazz band. / GQ

Why does the story of Goldilocks remain popular? It's all about repetition and recursion and the number three. / berfrois

Prior to Disneyland, ostrich farms were some of Southern California's first amusement parks. / KCET

See also: The story behind Dennis Hopper's photograph "Double Standard." / The New Yorker