Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: The other side.

Following the deadliest month of the pandemic so far, US cases and hospitalizations are plummeting. / Associated Press

Also: "More Americans have now received at least one dose [of the vaccine] than have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began." / Bloomberg

An interactive simulation shows when America might reach herd immunity. / Reuters

Black Americans are receiving Covid vaccines well below their population share. / VICE

The Congressional Budget Office projects the US economy will return to pre-pandemic levels by the middle of 2021, even without federal aid. / The New York Times

With the CDC and HHS now prepared to take on the nation's data infrastructure, the COVID Tracking Project says it will close shop in May. / The COVID Tracking Project

"I'm now having 'pandemic anniversaries'—anniversaries of tweets written a year ago." / Insight

Police in Rochester, NY, handcuffed and pepper-sprayed a nine-year-old while responding to a report of "family trouble." / CNN

New accounts emerge of abuse by Derek Chauvin, the police officer who kneeled on George Floyd. / The New York Times

The stories of two families who regretted calling 911 to get help for their sons. / The Atlantic

"He was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses the trauma she experienced during the Capitol attack. / BuzzFeed News

"QAnon is powered by three overlapping elements: sex trafficking panic, apocalyptic far-right militarism, and tech monopoly." / The New Republic

An investigation finds Facebook is profiting from hundreds of pages that are spreading Covid and vaccine misinformation. / The Guardian

According to an August internal review, around 70% of the most active Facebook Groups are too toxic to recommend to users. / Boing Boing

A tool shows whether your Flickr photos were used to build facial recognition software. / Exposing AI

It's easy for someone to spread vicious lies online, but getting them to stop—and the fabrications removed—can seem impossible. / The New York Times

For all of its problems—and there are many—Nextdoor is doing one thing well: filling the void left by local newsrooms. / OneZero

In response to EU legislation that would require higher streaming payments to artists, YouTube threatens to block music content. / The Guardian

Watch: Modifying an iPod Classic to stream Spotify. / The Morning News

Just one week into the drama, movie rights have already been sold for an upcoming book about WallStreetBets and GameStop. / CNET

Alexis Goldstein: "This isn't hedge funds versus retail. It's hedge funds versus other hedge funds." / Markets Weekly

Today is Groundhog Day. This morning, Punxsutawney Phil predicted there would be six more weeks of winter. / The Guardian

Related: Every Feb. 2, hundreds of Groundhog Day fans gather in Woodstock, Ill., where their favorite movie was filmed. / The Morning News

Photos of storm drains partially covered by snow. / The Paris Review

Vivian Wu's astounding slowflake generator. / Vivian Wu

For a fast-acting hit of escapism, try hiking TikTok. / Rewire

Videos of Jacques Pépin cooking eggs. / Kottke

See also: "At a time when I had forgotten the possibility of pleasure, Pépin had effortlessly, instinctively brought me back to life." / GQ

Actor Hal Holbrook has died at 95. / The Wrap

Aerial photos of Florida's mesmerizing land-use patterns. / ArchDaily

Lego releases a playlist of white noise made with Lego bricks. / The Morning News