Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: The race to redesign sugar

France and Spain, currently Europe’s hardest-hit countries, are tracking a rise of coronavirus cases even worse than their springtime peaks. / Vox

Over the weekend, multiple states including Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Utah experienced a record number of new daily cases. / Esquire

Charting the pandemic over the next 12 months. / STAT

Two Penn professors asked their 58-year-old housekeeper to clean their house without telling her their family had the virus. / The New York Times

An older Wyoming couple who beat COVID-19 struggle to convince friends the virus is real. / The Casper Star Tribune

During a pandemic/climate crisis/political nightmare, group texts are the joy/end/misery of us all. / The Washington Post

The late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will lie in state in the Capitol on Friday, the first woman to be given the honor. / The New York Times

GOP leaders indicate the party has not reached consensus on the timing for filling the Supreme Court’s vacancy. / POLITICO

Apparently inspired by Black Lives Matter, Barbados announces it will remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of state. / The New York Times

See also: The ally nudge. / Nudgetext

Governor DeSantis says Florida should use racketeering laws to charge protesters as part of a criminal organization. / The Orlando Sentinel

Georgetown University acquires the “Journal of the Slave Ship Mary,” one of only a dozen or so known logbooks. / Atlas Obscura

People describe what it's like to watch someone disappear into the QAnon delusion. / BuzzFeed News

PJ Vogt and the Reply All crew do a good job explaining who QAnon (very likely) is in their latest episode. / The Morning News

Some Millennials struggle to find a sense of identity outside their capacity for work. A new book blames their parents. / The Atlantic

Researchers are making new forms of real sugar with fewer calories. Taste tests suggest they're mostly horrible. / The New Yorker

A short film for your coffee break: Floaters, when spaceships meet of different size. Also, why do we hate dream sequences? / The Morning News, YouTube

Being the sort of person who strives for routine punctuality is “the absolute bottom white-belt level of adulthood.” / Defector

From June, a 16-year resident of an underground house explains why they don't like it. / dengarden

Photographer Maria Babikova documents the fear and joy of doing drag in Siberia. / It’s Nice That

London's Savile Row now has a tailoring house that focuses on women. / Reuters

Watch: A man enjoys a precooked, prepackaged meal from around 1902, still edible over a hundred years later. / The Morning News