Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: The turnout is never too damn high

It’s election day in the United States. A quick guide to your voting rights in case you’re turned away at the polls.

“Accountability” and “the will of the majority” are things that elections cannot do. Vote anyway.

Bad weather will greet many voters today. Republicans are happy to hear it. Though judging by early voting data, turnout is going to be high.

Here’s an excellent guide to watching today's contests, from talking heads to snacks, to survival tactics.

Also, a cheat sheet for tracking referenda on different states’ ballots.

One thing that elections do well: they "define political parties through the process of nominating candidates for office."

I would rank 1860 as No. 1: That year’s campaign contributed to a disintegration of the national fabric, and the aftermath included the astonishingly bloody Civil War, the abolition of slavery and the construction of a much stronger national state. All elections are important, but few live up to the hype of being truly historic.

"The country abandoned the establishment, not the other way around." From 2016, how American politics became so insane.

If you’re not burned out on election stuff, here’s a good podcast episode about the drama inherent to Ireland’s sophisticated PR-STV voting system (proportional representation by the single transferable vote).

Isaiah Berlin's pluralist rejection of ultimate solutions remains a great argument for liberalism.

Vietnam trades more relative to its GDP than any other large nation since at least 1960.

After years of progress, China inexplicably repeals a ban on the medicinal tiger and rhino trade. Tiger farms may explain why.

"Life without sex can have its downsides." The commercial banana is the world’s most endangered major crop.

As with marijuana generally, there are too few studies on CBD to support almost all of the wellness claims.

Echoing calls for a "just transition" off fossil fuels, Spain will close and restore coal mines, retrain workers in a union deal.

Beware the turquoise: Aerial photographs of melting ice in Greenland.

Your weekly white paper finds that struggling individuals are more motivated by giving advice than receiving it.

A study shows that "good guys" in superhero films engage in more violent acts, on average, than the villains.

The Tallahassee yoga studio shooter identified with “involuntary celibates” and recorded misogynistic videos.

Forgotten history: Oregon has long been a haven for white supremacists, with the exclusion of blacks written into its constitution.

A man in Austria tries his best to bribe nearly everyone he meets for five days. He mostly succeeds.

Metaphors matter: A study found that switching from describing crime as a “beast” to a “virus” led participants to propose different solutions.

France's Scrabble champion can't speak French. (He is believed to have memorized the French Scrabble dictionary.)