Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Thing with feathers

More than 200 people were arrested during anti-government protests in Hong Kong on Sunday, as authorities seek to prevent a revival of last year’s massive demonstrations.

Wuhan will test 11 million citizens for coronavirus after six new cases emerge.

Governors are winning bipartisan support for handling of pandemic, but some Republicans face blowback over reopening efforts.

Elon Musk reopens his California factory, despite local orders against manufacturing.

Farms in Delaware and Maryland prepare to slaughter two million chickens because there aren't enough workers to kill them.

Dr. Fauci plans to deliver a stark warning to the Senate on Tuesday: Americans will experience “needless suffering and death” if the country opens up prematurely.

According to Trump, the US is conducting 300,000 coronavirus tests per day. The Harvard Global Health Institute estimates that the US needs to be conducting 900,000 tests daily by May 15 to reopen safely.

"It seems many people are breathing some relief, and I’m not sure why." Risks of the coronavirus and how to avoid them.

Amazon shows off a roving robot covered in UV light bulbs that could kill the coronavirus in warehouses.

Unrelated: Further (failed?) attempts of facial shield as fashion accessory.

Thousands of crew members are trapped on cruise ships, desperate to go home. Satellite images show ships "huddling together" with fleets instructed to remain at sea indefinitely.

See also: Drone photographs of empty schoolyards around San Francisco.

A beach bar in Greece surrounds its lounge chairs with plexiglass screens, in hopes of summer tourists.

A restaurant worker uses a New Zealand woman’s contact tracing details to hit on her.

Social distancing has a lot of people craving alcohol, especially the newly sober.

There’s no right way to handle the pandemic; if you’re lucky enough, try some joy. Or maybe a new genre of art, like “hot man confused about how to put on sweater.”

A recent favorite album of ours—Víkingur Ólafsson’s Debussy Rameau—seems to be a favorite of critic Alex Ross’s, too.

A poem for the week: “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop. 

The most popular quotes about hope from Goodreads rendered as abstract charts.

Announcing Camp ToB! Vote on the six books we should all read together this summer.