Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Thong of ice and fire

Earth's last eight years were the hottest on record. The poles continue to see "worrisome changes as well." / Axios, MarketWatch

A study finds the earth's ozone layer on track to repair itself in four decades. / NPR

What the House speaker's deal with ultraconservatives means for climate legislation: less progress. / Grist

See also: The Shakespearean tragedy of Kevin McCarthy, prince of Washington. / Politico

Meanwhile, for the seventh time in a row, the United States Congress is the most diverse the body has ever been. / Vox

Thousands of nurses in New York City go on strike to protest low pay and staff shortages. / CNN

Law enforcement in the US killed at least 1,176 people last year, making it the deadliest for police violence. / The Guardian

Ice bath meetings are said to be trending among business executives. Among celebrities, one trend seems to be the exposed thong. / InsideHook, ELLE

A list of new technologies that matter this year: CRISPR for high cholesterol, organs on demand. / MIT Technology Review

Related: The best of 2023's Consumer Electronics Show. / WIRED

Your weekly white paper: Studies suggest that progress is slowing in several major fields of research. / Nature

In February, an AI legal assistant will help a defendant fight a speeding case in court. / New Scientist

Brief thoughts on what Rosecrans Baldwin finds beautiful about the internet. And a new short story from Robin Sloan, complete with music. / Meditations in an Emergency, Brand New Box

Craig Mod is launching another popup newsletter to document a new big walk around Tokyo. / Tokio Tōkyō Tokyo

Critic Ana Gavrilovska lists her favorite jazz albums released last year. / Sick Sad Motherslug