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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Tiny stim.

Nine months after the CARES act, Congress has passed a second stimulus bill that’s half the size of its predecessor. / The New York Times

In addition to direct payments to Americans and more unemployment benefits, the stimulus extends tax breaks for film and TV production companies and includes funding for live venues and independent theaters. / Variety, Rolling Stone

Also in the stimulus package: important new climate legislation, with bipartisan support for new limits on emissions of hydrofluorocarbons. / Quartz

Progressives expected two seats on the Energy & Commerce Committee, including one for AOC. It didn't happen that way. / The American Prospect

"This is how our government is spending its time?" The FDA will revoke regulations on French dressing and frozen cherry pie. / The New York Times

In determining how to distribute 5,000 Covid vaccines among its staff, Stanford's algorithm selected only seven medical residents. / The Verge

Administrative delays could mean Germany and the EU will have insufficient vaccine doses. / Spiegel

A deep dive into how Trump's actions—and lack thereof—have led to our current moment, with record-breaking new daily infections. / The Washington Post

Two former Arizona State Bar presidents have filed an ethics complaint against 21 Trump attorneys for "utterly meritless cases." / KPNX

A study from Lyft has determined that one hour of your free time is worth about $19. / Vox

Very excited to hear "Liberty Bell," the first new music from Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington) since 2013. / The Morning News

Increased radio waves from human technology are creating a buffer around Earth, protecting life from space radiation. / Popular Mechanics

SimpliSafe's social-distancing holiday sweater plays a siren and flashes its lights if someone gets within six feet of you. / South China Morning Post

Video: In 1659, Massachusetts made it illegal to celebrate Christmas—a ban that lasted for the next 22 years. / The Morning News

"And, yes, significant boxing matches have also taken place on Boxing Day." Boxing Day, explained. / Vox

Helen Rosner's food-themed gift guide, including pepper with a "dusky, spicy roundness that verges on intoxicating." / The New Yorker

A recipe for porridge to appease vengeful house elves. / Atlas Obscura

Vintage clothing adorned with stunning trompe l'oeil nature scenes, by Ron Isaacs. / Colossal