Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Toast mortem

The US will release an additional 20 million doses of Covid vaccines, bringing the total being shipped out to 80 million. / Yahoo! News

Generation Z showed improved mental health during the start of the pandemic. Why? Better sleep and more time with family. Meanwhile, veterinarians report feeling toasted. / The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press

Jill Lepore: To question the idea of “burnout” is to ask whether it really helps anyone shoulder hardship. / The New Yorker

The world’s major countries are becoming more authoritarian. Our failed War on Terror might be at the root. / Noahpinion

At least 5,000 children have been charged as adults in Mississippi over the last five years, thanks to Jim Crow era laws. / Scalawag

A 28-year-old Florida woman infiltrated a high school looking for Instagram followers. / Dazed

"You may not realize it, but some humans may be dinosaurs." Neural networks try their hand at mansplaining. / AI Weirdness

"Dirt drops" refer to collections of ceramics released online in small batches that sell out in a few minutes. / The New York Times

As travel resumes, a call for demanding more ethics from luxury destinations. / Condé Nast Traveler

Prachi Gupta: Non-Indian folks who enjoy yoga might consider giving something back right now. / Elle

Director Barry Jenkins posts a luminous, non-narrative reel of extras. / The Morning News

The Warner Brothers movie studio was founded in 1923. Its proposed merger with Discovery has roots in a long history of corporate deal-making. / Quartz

Deesha Philyaw says the city of Pittsburgh deserves no credit for the success of her new book. / Bloomberg

Comedians in Zimbabwe—women, in particular—feel emboldened doing stand-up, but also face violent repercussions. / The Conversation

Eliza Brooke pays tribute to the fun of trivia and one of our favorite online communities, LearnedLeague. / The New Yorker

Unrelated: A rare 1969 Volkswagen Super Bugger Camper is for sale. It sleeps two “adventurous individuals.” / Mecum Auctions