Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Tuna, or not tuna.

The Supreme Court unanimously agreed that the NCAA's limits on the ways schools compensate athletes violate antitrust laws. / BuzzFeed News

A new report finds algorithmic bias in medicine is influencing nearly every aspect of how patients are treated. / STAT

"I procured more than 60 inches worth of Subway tuna sandwiches." An investigation into whether there's actually any tuna in Subway's tuna fish. / The New York Times

In the Texas border counties that were among the hardest hit by Covid, vaccine rates are outpacing the rest of the state. / The New York Times

Amid a heatwave, some Texans are suddenly realizing they handed control of their smart thermostats over to grid regulators. / KHOU

In May, the median home price in America broke $350,000 for the first time. / The Week

"The devastated me is different." Life after a brain injury, by Hana Schank. / The Atlantic

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E-card revenue nearly doubled during the pandemic. / The New York Times

"A single Amazon fulfillment center in the UK is destroying millions of products a year instead of reselling or donating them." / VICE

Amateur mushroom photographers are helping professional mycologists—and even identifying rare species. / NPR

Looking back at the career of John Saunders Chase, the first Black licensed architect in Texas. / Towers

A playlist of Sweden's entries for the Eurovision Song Contest from 1958 to 2020. / The Morning News

A roundup of resources for Ikea hacking. / The Hustle

"It's not art, it's not conceptual; it's just color." Maximalist designer Brock Forsblom tries minimalism. / Curbed

Detailed moments of untold stories, in paintings by ZhiYong Jing. / ZhiYong Jing