Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Tweet bray shove.

It’s election day in California, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, with races that may lead to major shifts in political power. Get out, have fun, go vote!

Today in impeachment news: One of Giuliani’s Ukrainian-American associates is now cooperating with the congressional inquiry. 

Also: new transcripts.

In three years, Donald Trump has retweeted at least 145 unverified accounts that push conspiracy or extremist content, including white nationalists and anti-Muslim bigots.

Related: Employees at a Buffalo Wild Wings told a group to move because a “racist regular” didn’t want to sit near them.

Related: A man was attacked with acid by a Milwaukee guy demanding to know “why did you come here and invade my country?”

Related: A San Diego man beat a Syrian refugee teen for speaking Arabic.

In October, the United States didn’t resettle a single refugee. That's the first time it's happened since records began.

The FBI has a long history of targeting black Americans for surveillance. Newly released documents suggest the practice hasn't changed much.

Trump formalizes the process of withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Unlike the rest of the US, air pollution in Louisiana is rising in absolute terms, and the estimated air quality is getting worse.

Aerial firefighting operations in California ground to a halt last week when private citizens launched drones.

See also: An excellent round-up of pros, cons, and political odds for a range of potential solutions to California's fire problems.

Your weekly white paper: In European politics over the 15th-20th centuries, queens were more warlike than kings.

Visualizing the working life of a 17th-century Scottish “witch pricker.”

Iraq has an epidemic of war-induced psychological disorders, and just 138 psychiatrists and 60 social workers to help treat it.

China’s “final solution” to destroy the Uighur people includes relentless demolition of mosques and cemeteries.

See also: Landscapes and portraits from the "Freezing Lands," China’s once-prosperous northeast.

There is a powerful argument that Google and Facebook are state actors when they block “objectionable” content.

The last McDonald's in Iceland closed 10 years ago. A burger and fries purchased that day have looked the same ever since.

Watch: What can we say, we’ve got a soft spot for homemade chain-reaction machines.