Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Twilight of the heroes.

Thousands of schoolchildren in Puerto Rico have developed symptoms of PTSD due to the stresses of Hurricane Maria.

Trump has instructed officials to issue new regulations that would speed up immigration cases in court and impose an application fee for asylum seekers.

Donald Trump and three of his children—Donald, Jr., Eric, and Ivanka—are suing Deutsche Bank and Capital One to block the release of financial records subpoenaed by congressional committees.

Trump's lies as president are on a sharp uptick, from an average of eight a day seven months ago to nearly 23 daily now.

As expected, with the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, Rod Rosenstein announces he's stepping down as deputy attorney general.

Biden's non-apology to Anita Hill is further evidence that he's unwilling to call out structural harm absent ill intent.

"If it's Bernie versus Trump, I have no fucking idea what I’m going to do." Wall Street Democrats don't love their options so far.

Spain's socialist party took 29% of the vote in Sunday's election, and will now need to work with other parties to build a coalition government.

Indonesia just held the world's largest-ever single-day election, overworking 272 election staff to the point of exhaustion—and death.

Director John Singleton dies at 51 from a stroke. Boyz N the Hood made more money per screen than Terminator 2.

While superheroes have never been more profitable, comic book stores—where underground talent emerges—continue to shutter.

When Baron Zemo trapped all of Manhattan in the impenetrable Darkforce Dimension for months, guess who that hit the hardest? Freelancers from Brooklyn, like me. I had given the whole “9-5 office thing” a shot, until the Inhumans detonated a Terrigen Bomb in Midtown and caused a recession. Goodbye to all that, Marvel Universe edition.

Time seems to speed up as we age because our minds perceive fewer new images to process—and tired brains worsen the effect.

This week's ambience: A neural network generates infinite technical death metal.