Ukraine is using the eastern city of Bakhmut as "a kill box" to "grind down" newly mobilized Russian soldiers. / The Week

An interview with a Ukrainian colonel touches on the importance of civilians' "wedding drones" early in the war. / War Translated

Several hundred cases of gas poisoning have been reported in more than 52 schools across Iran since the end of November. / France24

Romania's prime minister has an AI bot advisor. It recently got in trouble for copyright infringement. / Romania Insider

New York City's mayor wants shop owners to require customers to remove masks upon entry to cut down on crime. / The Daily News

Baghdad was built for 200,000 cars. Currently, the city sees 2.7 million cars daily. / The Economist

Seventy-five percent of Ivy League presidents are now female. / City Journal

A breakthrough in mathematical modeling of ecosystems may make it possible to estimate precisely how close they are to disastrous tipping points. / Quanta Magazine

Advancements in AI are delivering breakthroughs in breast cancer screening by detecting signs that doctors miss. / The New York Times

A study finds instant noodles make up nearly one-third of childhood burn injuries. / uchicago news

Scientists in South Africa take a major step toward creating an mRNA vaccine against tuberculosis (that will work for all ages). / NPR

Notes on some of the similarities between new "cancer vaccines" and other mRNA vaccines. / The Conversation

A new edible juice bottle can be peeled like a fruit. / dezeen

One reason "sloganwear"—e.g., those "no problemo" shirts—has gotten so popular? It looks "fucking great online." / The Guardian