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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Unfinished.

Thousands turned out in Houston for George Floyd's public visitation yesterday.

Photos of demonstrations around the US show how massive the protests are.

Related: In Los Angeles, a hundred black horse riders came out for the Compton Cowboys Peace Ride.

A Google Sheet has collected hundreds of videos of police brutality.

Adrian Brandon's unfinished portraits of black people killed by police. He colors them for one minute for each year they lived.

With Confederate monuments and other visual representations of racism coming down, don't forget to rename roadways.

A Virginia judge has halted Gov. Northam's order to remove the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, citing an 1890 guarantee to erect the statue and "faithfully guard it and affectionately protect it."

An Egyptologist's tweets about how to topple an obelisk preceded exactly that happening to a Confederate obelisk in Alabama.

Related: Enter your ZIP Code to find the closest Confederate monument to you.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has ordered a review of the city's statues, street names, and public spaces in consideration of Britain's role in the slave trade.

What to watch on Netflix instead of The Help.

The editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit has resigned after a photo of him in a racially insensitive Halloween costume surfaced on Twitter.

Comic book covers reimagined as critiques of racism, by Kumasi J. Barnett.

Native Americans are a postapocalyptic people. In a world ravaged by climate change and COVID, their resilience demands attention.

Researchers say lockdown averted nearly five million confirmed coronavirus cases in the US—and as many as 60 million undiagnosed cases.

Probably obvious: The US economy is now officially in a recession.

Also obvious: A survey finds Americans' perceptions of police have plummeted in the past week.

Defunding the police doesn't necessarily mean abolishing law enforcement—it's about reallocating funds and changing the scope of police responsibilities.

Congressional Democrats announce legislation to ban police use of chokeholds and no-knock warrants in drug cases.

The GOP is divided between big business and Trump by a DHS plan to cut post-college work visas for foreign students.

New polling shows Biden is in the strongest position for a challenger since Clinton in 1992.

Amid tanking poll numbers and a pandemic, Trump plans to restart rallies in the next two weeks.

There are four types of coronavirus vaccines in development, but it's unlikely any will be effective enough to end the pandemic.

Among the predictions for the effects of increase working from home: People are going to want bigger houses.

A graphic of everything in the known solar system.

Watch: A soothing journey through a forest via Lego train.