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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Vote.

Despite the Trump administration's attempts to cripple ACA awareness, signups doubled on the first day of open enrollment, compared to 2016.

In a reversal of Bush and Obama policies, the Dept. of Homeland Security says in 2019 it will end the temporary protected status of Nicaraguans living in the US since 1999, after Hurricane Mitch hit Central America.

More Americans are renouncing their citizenship, and it began when a new law was passed to curtail tax evasion.

The Paradise Papers: Here are all the politicians storing offshore fortunes—and furthering income inequality.

One Paradise Paper to start with: How a mining giant navigated DR Congo backrooms to snag copper at a discount.

A year of New York Times breaking news notifications. Nov. 15, 2016, didn't have any. That was a good day.

A running list of the fake news that's going around after the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

As Brexit negotiations continue, a look at how far Britain has fallen from its perch of leadership and generosity.

Preparing for the worst, Germany speculates on a post-EU world in 2040, where some states leave to side with Russia.

Excellent Twitter thread on Philly street-level blowback from crackdowns in the fentanyl/heroin epidemic.

Unpaid Turkish textile workers sew cries for help into Zara garments.

Colombia is fighting "coffee rust," a plant disease that has decimated major coffee growers over the past century.

Happy Election Day: Researchers devise a way politicians can gerrymander fairly—by equally redrawing districts to serve their interests.

Ethical concerns abound after scientists implant human brain tissue in mice—how conscious is this new organism?

“My friend confronted him, asking if he was gay. Spacey said, “Just because you scuba dive, doesn’t make you a scuba diver.” It’s such a juvenile, patently conniving thing to say, that I can imagine Spacey coming up with it around the age Rapp was when he says Spacey assaulted him.” Alexander Chee on Kevin Spacey’s nefarious pattern of disowning identity.

When ebooks are pirated—and around four million are—publishers cut print runs, wounding authors.

Andrew DeGraff's new Cinemaps book presents his popular illustrated maps of famous movie plots.

Prior to the rise of Nazism, trans Germans were able to apply for passes that protected them from police harassment.

City maps recreated using neighborhood apartment descriptions in NYC, Edinburgh, LA, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.

We may have failed chemistry, but we would’ve paid more attention if we were watching this beautiful video of chemical reactions all day.

Chris Jordan's photos of large-scale waste from 2004 includes 29,569 handguns—one for every US gun death that year.