Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Wakanda approacheth.

Jacob Zuma defies an ultimatum from South Africa’s ruling ANC party to resign within 48 hours.

Politics has broken out in Germany—a revolt against the “Merkel method.”

The US Senate's immigration debate, currently underway, will test the willingness of conservative groups to compromise in the Trump era.

A former Kentucky judge and Trump campaigner will spend 20 years in prison for human trafficking.

A Democrat running for the House of Delegates in West Virginia was ejected after she listed some donations lawmakers had received from the oil and gas industry.

Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and more, explains what it was like to watch the State of the Union address with Steve Bannon.

Heather Timmons and Eshe Nelson try to parse exactly what Trump wants on trade (because the rest of the world has no idea).

For some engineers, to figure out why paper jams persist in printers is “the ultimate challenge.”

Truck drivers in Maine settle with their employers over unpaid wages originating from the lack of an Oxford comma.

The National Gallery’s new portraits of the Obamas, painted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, are terrific on many levels.

An assessment of whether Elon Musk launching a car into space counts as art—and if so, what kind of art.

Mirai Nagasu is the first US woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics, thus fully earning her redemption.

Video: It turns out skaters love “wild ice skating” in part for the “high-pitched, laser-like sounds.” It’s basically skating on dangerously thin ice, aka, the "holy grail" of Nordic skating.

Adam Rippon and his big, authentic butt are the best show going at this Winter Olympics.

The use of banned drugs is popular in many sports while anti-doping rules and enforcement remain ineffective.

In Malaysia, where homosexuality is illegal, a newspaper publishes a checklist on how to spot gay people.

A science reporter reviews and tracks his work for gender imbalance and finds a lot to correct.

I think the part of the #MeToo movement that’s interested in discussing sexual unhappiness and not just sexual harassment clearly wants to talk about pornography, even if it doesn’t quite realize that yet. Ross Douthat takes some risky leaps while arguing for the censorship of pornography.

Tokyo's 25 most common birds are illustrated in a pretty pamphlet by Ryo Takemasa.

Black Panther, the hottest ticket ever, will premiere in Kisumu, Kenya, actress Lupita Nyong’o’s hometown, before it’s shown in the US.

Disneyland’s "social clubs" are gangs of adult superfans who roam the park in biker vests and occasionally extort each other.

Video: A New Zealand school has no rules during recess, but rather than injure themselves all the time, the students return to the classroom ready to learn.