Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Wake up!

Free speech advocates are cheered by a judge’s ruling to allow a white nationalist to sue Twitter.

The US Supreme Court delays making a decision on gerrymandering.

The head of an asylum nonprofit in Houston relates what she’s seeing in border detention facilities.

Inside an old South Texas warehouse, hundreds of migrant children wait in cages, caring for each other.

White House official Stephen Miller wants credit for breaking up families at the border.

Fox & Friends would prefer to say"security pen" instead of cage, thought the Border Patrol says "cage" is accurate.

Interview with the photographer who shot the image that's gone viral of a crying toddler at the US border.

An expert on concentration camps says we’re seeing as much in the United States’s border and customs facilities.

In case you're feeling helpless: here are some things you can do to help immigrant families separated at our border.

A California town names a new school after Jose Antonio Vargas, the Pulitzer Prize-winning undocumented immigrant.

More than 4,000 homes in Marin County may not outlive a 30-year mortgage because of rising seawater.

Studies show Asian Americans are three times less likely than white people to seek mental health treatment.

"Classical liberal" makes a comeback, for those who believe in liberty for all, not just for themselves.

Mexico fans celebrated their team's dominating World Cup performance over Germany with an earthquake.

"Wake Up!" German newspapers see a national crisis after their soccer team's World Cup loss to Mexico.

Germany’s political drama puts Merkelism to the test. Then again, Merkel has been systematically underestimated.

Video: A Dutch designer created a human-powered machine that knits a scarf in five minutes.

Nineteen of Napoleon's favored hats are thought to still exist. One goes on sale today.

French air traffic control causes a third of flight delays in Europe each year, thanks to strikes and old equipment.

Music video from Paris: The Carters, Beyoncé and Jay Z, released a new album over the weekend, with a music video shot in a rarely seen version of the Louvre Museum: without crowds.

Photos from 50 years ago when lunar orbiters circled the moon, looking for a landing site for the Apollo missions.

Behavioral scientists say mindfulness is great for employees, but not their bosses who need maximum productivity.

“Digital wellness” is the app-enabled movement to help you take your life back from your phone.

For 18 years, a Japanese photographer's family of seven coexisted in a one-room apartment.