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Tuesday headlines: Walk that walk

Unpublished documents directly link China's crackdown on Uyghur Muslims to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist party. / The Guardian

Meanwhile, the party is trying to cleanse Chinese cyberspace of entertainment at odds with socialist values. / The Economist

Regarding tennis pro Peng Shuai, Beijing seems to be relying on a two-pronged approach of keeping silent "and waiting for the world to move on." / The New York Times

To reach the word "omicron," the World Health Organization skipped over the word "xi," rekindling criticism that it fears China's Xi Jinping. / The Hill

President Biden calls Omicron a "cause for concern, not a cause for panic." / BBC News

Ed Silverman: If you look at the stakes of vaccine inequity, Omicron is a "we told you so" moment. / STAT

Two years of fires in Northern California killed up to nearly a fifth of the giant sequoias, Earth's largest trees. / The Associated Press

Behind the "redwood curtain," Humboldt County has missed out on California's booming economy. Wind energy could change that. / The Press Democrat

As noted in a story about the history of the Egg McMuffin, the number of Americans who are self-employed and starting businesses has fallen by half over the past 40 years. / The Washington Post

A group of women describe how they'd like to remake their work weeks. / Politico Magazine

Nicola Twilley profiles Adrian Fisher, the world's foremost maze-maker. / The New Yorker

See also: A "self-working" card trick that doesn't rely on sleight of hand. / Chalk Dust Magazine

Craig Mod is in the middle of doing another one of his walks, this time through 10 "mid" sized Japanese cities. / Ridgeline

"Distanced self-talk" involves using language to create mental distance from yourself—by talking to yourself out loud. / Nautilus

Ten projects by Virgil Abloh that demonstrate his versatility as a designer. / dezeen

Photographs from 30 years ago demonstrate the spirit rendered in the new movie about the Williams sisters. / Smithsonian Magazine