Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: WarTok

A summary of what's known on day six of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Much of the focus is on a Russian military column outside Kyiv that's 40 miles long. / The Guardian, CNN

Some analysis from a Russia expert on how the invasion's first 96 hours have gone. / Twitter

More than 160,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Poland in just three days and are "showered with generosity." / Der Spiegel

The chair of urban warfare studies at the US Military Academy's Modern War Institute is tutoring Ukranians on Twitter. / Task & Purpose

The war is stress-testing Microsoft and Google's systems to stop Russia's cyberattacks. / The New York Times

See also: Welcome to WarTok. BTW, 37% of people alive have never used the internet. / New York Magazine, Harper's Index

Serhii Plokhy, Professor of Ukrainian History at Harvard, recommends five books to better understand Russia's invasion. / Five Books

Amy Walter: The challenge is for Americans to see President Biden as a leader, especially on the economy. / PBS

The IPCC says any further delay in global action on climate change will miss "a rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future." / The Guardian

The USPS's new mail truck will only average 8.6 mpg. "And it's not like the USPS tried very hard to find alternatives." / Ars Technica

Tarpley Hitt: CPAC was the worst stand-up show I've ever been to. / Gawker

In the past 18 months, five Native American women have gone missing or been killed in Northern California's Lost Coast. / The Associated Press

Music video of the moment: TJ Stevenson shows what it's like to be the only white member of hardcore band Soul Glo. / The Morning News

A brief report on the snowmobile life—including a snowmobile taxi driver—of a former cow town turned ski town. / YouTube

Sebastian Smee reaches number 100—Edward Hopper's 1939 "New York Movie"—in his individual appreciations of great pictures. / The Washington Post