Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: What else do I have to say.

Trump and Barr have been asking foreign governments to help in a Justice Dept. inquiry to discredit the Mueller investigation.

The State Dept. has now been tied to the Ukraine quagmire, with reports that Pompeo was also on the Trump call.

Three House committees have subpoenaed Giuliani to turn over all records of his communications regarding Ukraine and the Biden family.

Here are the key documents and chronology related to the Trump impeachment inquiry so far.

McConnell says the Senate would be required to hold a trial if the House passes the articles of impeachment, but added, "How long you're on it is a whole different matter."

Related: A helpful flowchart explaining the Trump impeachment process.

Technology has enabled online child sex abuse to escalate exponentially—and now the platforms can’t keep up. (Graphic descriptions ahead.)

Only five of the 59 people name-checked in "We Didn't Start the Fire" are still alive.

A team of researchers breaks with conventional wisdom and says the evidence doesn't clearly support that "eating red or processed meat causes cancer, diabetes, or heart disease."

Related: As Nestlé enters the plant-based burger fray with the Awesome Burger, here's a look at all the players in the fake-meat space.

Defying the NCAA, California will allow college athletes to get paid for endorsement deals.

An architect reimagines the American ballpark—including an outfield that can change to benefit the home team.

An estimated 300,000 people are reading novels in Instagram Stories from the New York Public Library.

Don't assume streaming will dominate. In Liberia, street vendors transfer illegal copies of songs onto customers' cell phones.

A deep dive on the history of overpriced speaker wire and how wire clothes hangers sound as good as the expensive stuff.

From 2018 and still interesting: an argument to bring down the walls between technical and non-technical users of software.

Opting out of today's data collection practices is opting out of society. One solution is to obfuscate, as teens and lawyers do.

Researchers have discovered that to travel long distances, spiders spin webs and balloon along the Earth's electric field.

The true story of the Balloon Boy and his family, 10 years after the hoax that grabbed headlines.

“Fernweh,” “sobremesa,” and other useful words English lacks.

Iconic movie scenes—from The Shining, Say Anything..., and others—retold through surveillance footage.