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President Biden tells Congress he's ending the dual states of emergency that were declared to address the pandemic. / Deadline

From earlier this month: What Democrats achieved—and didn't—in two years of controlling Congress. / The Guardian

The death toll from yesterday's suicide bombing at a mosque in Pakistan rises to 100. / Al Jazeera

One way to prevent future deaths like Tyre Nichols's murder would be to eliminate "pretextual stops." / The New Yorker

Isabel Wilkerson: Cases like those of Tyre Nichols or Freddie Gray remind us that caste is not about Black vs white. / Instagram

The British Isles acquire new additions: islets the width of two tennis courts made of wet wipes and mud. / The Economist

The "most complicated house ever built," customized by a British inventor, is now for sale. / Property Industry Eye

Apocalypse television loves to dress people in flannel shirts, which is probably a bad idea. / GQ UK

An amusing bunch of dunks on a "weaponized" SUV designed for wealthy people to ride out scary times. / MetaFilter

See also: What it's like to drive a Tesla now (not really). / Twitter

Alex Abad-Santos: The confusing (to some) success of the Avatar movies suggests James Cameron has found a way to break the way we measure cultural relevance. / Vox

Related: Curators predict what they believe will be the year's trends in art. / Artsy

A Singapore teenager is shamed then supported for enjoying her first "luxury handbag," which her dad bought for $60. / BBC News