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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: What lies beneath.

A helicopter crashed on top of a midtown Manhattan building yesterday, killing the pilot. Officials say there's no indication of a terror threat.

Mexico's foreign minister says there is no secret immigration deal, despite what Trump has claimed.

Photos of tens of thousands of travelers entering and leaving the US have been compromised in a cyberattack on a Border Patrol subcontractor's network.

Sources estimate the current cost to smuggle someone across the Mexico border and into the US is between $6,000 and $10,000.

International inspectors say Iran is increasing its nuclear fuel production, contravening the 2015 nuclear treaty that Trump already deserted.

Heshmat Alavi, who's published op-eds at multiple English-speaking outlets, is actually a persona run by Iranian propagandists.

As more evangelical churches face sexual abuse charges, a popular legal advisory group shields them from scandal.

How YouTube algorithm changes since 2012 favored far-right videos, created a more addictive platform, and brainwashed viewers.

To effectively fight climate change, British lawmakers say the UK must stop investing in fossil fuel projects abroad by 2021.

Genetically, wines have changed little since the Ancient Romans, making today's varietals vulnerable to ever-evolving pests and diseases.

Split shots, photographed half above and half below the water's surface, that are—astoundingly—not collages, by Tobias Friedrich.

Researchers find Centralia, Pa.’s, underground fire has awakened dormant bacteria in the soil, which may aid development of new drugs.

See also: For 50 years, a fire has been raging in mining tunnels beneath Centralia. With the town mostly evacuated long ago, what’s left? Mostly journalists and other outsiders looking in.

If there’s a choice, it will, of course, be his, not mine. Sometimes we talk about this. Sometimes I go for walks in the woods. In consideration of future grief and how a single huckleberry plant has been growing in Pennsylvania for 10,000 years.

Macro photographs by Dillon Marsh of "hitchhiker plants," thorny seeds that attach themselves to passersby.

Video: Musician Clemens Wenners performs covers of 1970s and '80s pop songs using era-appropriate synthesizers.

This week's ambience: Ten hours of a neural net trained on the music of the Beatles.

See also: Artists who are utilizing AI to make the future of music.

A map of the solar system's 18,000-plus asteroid orbits.