Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Where’s Waldo Jeffers?

Federal authorities recommend states pause use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine while investigators try to find out what caused clotting problems. / STAT

Biden has yet to make good on his plan to raise the annual refugee cap above Trump's historically low 15,000. / The Washington Post

In an agreement with the Biden administration, Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala will deploy additional security forces to their borders to try and stem the surge of migration into the US. / Associated Press

The Minnesota officer who killed Daunte Wright intended to fire a Taser, not a handgun, according to police. / Associated Press

A student is dead after a shootout with police at a Knoxville, Tenn., high school. / Knoxville News Sentinel

US domestic terrorism incidents peaked in 2020, surging to the highest levels in the past 25 years of tracking the data. / The Washington Post

Since Amy Coney Barrett's appointment, the Supreme Court has been dismantling a 1990 decision on religious exemptions. / Vox

Excruciating pain during IUD placement is more common than previously thought—yet pain management for the procedure remains rare. / Rewire News Group

After 43 years of weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show nights, a theater kept showing it—to empty houses—during the pandemic. / The Oregonian

Beloved LA movie theater chain ArcLight will permanently close all of its locations because of pandemic losses. / NPR

"DMX was not the first rapper to juxtapose mental health struggles alongside scenes that felt better fit for a horror movie. But none before him had become so successful so quickly by placing these types of songs at the front and center of his persona." / The Ringer

Watch: Intricately undulating bars of light in a kinetic sculpture by Scale Collective. / The Morning News

"If the climate continues too warm...all of the 17-year cicadas in this area could eventually become 13-year cicadas." / The Washington Post

Turning the minute vibrations of spiderwebs into audible tones that may help us understand how arachnids communicate. / VICE

An archaeological study posits that prehistoric cave painters may have been hallucinating due to oxygen shortage. / Boing Boing

When presented with puzzles, most people think to add rather than subtract—even when the latter provides the better solution. / ScienceNews

"I was in the crate for five days." In 1965, Brian Robson tried to mail himself from Australia to Wales. / BBC

Related: The story is reminiscent of the Velvet Underground's "The Gift," about Waldo Jeffers, who tries to mail himself to surprise his girlfriend, only to be accidentally murdered when she opens the crate with a blade. / YouTube

See also: At the beginning of lockdown, 10 musicians recorded a socially distanced version of "The Gift." / YouTube

The nearly 242,000 acres of land in the contiguous US owned by Bill and Melinda Gates, as a rectangle that can be dragged. / Glitch

Stunningly realistic paintings of strip malls, by Sayre Gomez. / This Isn't Happiness