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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Whispering hush.

The US State Dept. has ordered embassy family members to depart Belarus after a Russian troop buildup on the country's border with Ukraine. / CNN

According to new accounts, Trump was a lot more involved than previously thought in efforts to seize voting machines after the 2020 election. / The New York Times

The Fulton County DA wants FBI backup after Trump singled out her office's probe into his attempts to overturn Georgia's election. / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Texas butterfly sanctuary that sued Trump's White House over the border wall is closing for three days because of threats from Trump supporters. / BuzzFeed News

A US District Court judge has rejected the plea deal that would have allowed Ahmaud Arbery's killers to serve much of their sentences in a federal prison. / ABC News

The DoJ declines to reopen the federal civil rights investigation into Tamir Rice's murder, saying they wouldn't be able to prove the violation "beyond a reasonable doubt." / BuzzFeed News

A timeline of the first 10 years of Black Lives Matter, which began with the murder of Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012. / New York Magazine

Whether hate crimes are increasing or decreasing in America depends on who's counting what. / The Washington Post

"All of which makes overconfidence, indifference, or weariness, after two years of battling the virus—and one another—a danger now." How the 1918 pandemic ended. / The New York Times

After a Tennessee school district banned Maus, the graphic novel is again a bestseller. / NPR

Related: "If our society isn't strong enough to withstand the weight of difficult or challenging—and even hateful or problematic—ideas, then something must be fixed in our society." / The New York Times

See also: Why it's important to avoid "pajamafication" in teaching the Holocaust. / @gwenkatz

On the relentless experimentalism of Margaret Wise Brown's works. / The New Yorker

Watch: This endearing, classic animation of Goodnight Moon, narrated by Susan Sarandon. / YouTube

"I always felt like I was living in a very magical world." Life as a tetrachromat, and seeing 100 times the colors as most people. / The Guardian

Plein-air paintings by Jeremy Sams, perfectly placed and photographed in front of the landscapes they depict. / Colossal

Just like creating art on the blockchain, collecting it is a matter of constant acceleration. / Hyperallergic

A new book of objects that are no longer commonplace—such as ashtrays—provides "evidence that nothing is inevitable." / The Baffler